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Dental implants and facial esthetics now offered at Northgate Station

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William Zinney, DDS and Michelle Zinney, his surgical assistant who does facial esthetics.

Replacing your bad teeth or dentures can be like a virtual fountain of youth, possibly making you look 10 years younger, according to Dr. William Zinney, DDS who has recently joined Northgate Station Comprehensive Dentistry near Big Canoe.

“As we age we lose our mid face volume so our face shrinks in. So by doing this [implants] we reestablish the proper dimensions of the face so it’s a natural kind of fountain of youth for people. Most people look 10-plus years younger.”

Zinney is a board certified periodontist. He graduated from Emory University in 1988 and has been doing implants about 30 years.

It used to take nearly a year and a half to get implants, he said.

“A solution was developed about 12 plus years ago called ‘teeth in a day,’” Zinney said. “We can actually take the teeth out, place implants and deliver a fixed set of teeth attached to the implants. It avoids the misery of having plastic in the roof of the mouth.”

The best dentures are about 30 percent as effective as natural teeth, according to Zinney.

“None of us want to wear dentures,” Zinney said. “With this procedure, after a month or two of planning, the day of the surgery the patient is sedated. We take the teeth out and place the implants very gently. We have a lab, and that’s the key to success, that travels and is here with us. We convert the teeth the day of the surgery and the patient walks out with a temporary set of teeth that allows the implants to heal. After a couple of months we do a secondary analysis of their face and teeth and make sure they like it and a more permanent solution is delivered.”

Zinney credits a mobile lab that is in place outside the dental office during the procedure as an important element in implant procedures. They use RJ Dental Creations that provide a complete dental lab fashioned from a converted paramedic truck.

“The most important step is what we call a facial analysis,” Dr. Zinney said. “We want to know where your teeth should be based upon your facial structure, lip support, speech, all those things.”

“The lab comes and does a facial analysis. They take measurements, look at speech patterns, the color of your skin and eyes to determine the proper shade and shape of the tooth for you. The lab is here the day of surgery and the lab technician is over my shoulder while I am doing surgery. We take impressions and transfer that to a model that can be taken into the mobile lab. The lab actually converts the teeth while you are sleeping. There is minimal or no discomfort after surgery.”

With wife Michelle assisting, Zinney also offers facial esthetics procedures.

“Some patients have lines around their mouth, wrinkles and sagging,” Michelle Zinney said. “We are always looking for ways to improve that. Dentists are the best trained in regards to neck and head anatomy, so they understand the muscles, where the blood vessels are located even more than regular plastic surgeons. That’s why we have the green light to work on patient’s faces.”

They have an array of products to rejuvenate patient’s head and neck region.

“We rejuvenate the skin using a procedure where we draw blood from the patient,” Dr. Zinney said. “We separate the growth factors so at the time of the surgery we use it for bone regeneration. Every protein in our body that needs to regenerate itself is in our blood. So we concentrate it and use it.

“It’s used for orthopedics, it’s used for hair regeneration, sports injuries, wounds to allow for more rapid healing. It has evolved in dentistry probably more than anywhere else to grow soft tissue in the mouth around the implant so naturally it came to be used for facial rejuvenation. It can be placed in the skin where it rebuilds your collagen, soft tissue and gives you a youthful glow. We also use it to get rid of wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin. We are creating a whole framework around the mouth.”

Dr. Zinney had practiced with Dr. Stephen Muecke in the past at the Sandy Springs location, where Muecke practiced for over 40 years. He sold his practice there but still works there two days a week.

“I get to see my friends and take care of them, which is very rewarding to me,” Muecke said.

The Zinneys are moving to Big Canoe.

“We decided that this is where we want to build our practice because there is no one offering even a small amount of what we do,” Zinney said.

“Patients here are very appreciative of what we are doing,” Dr. Muecke said. “We want our patients to get the value out of our process. I like to do things one time right and be done with it.”

“I love what I do,” Zinney added.

For more information Northgate Station Comprehensive Dentistry is located at 30 Northgate Station Drive, Marble Hill, Ga.

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