NorthGateStationDr. Muecke envisions North Gate Station as a “point of destination” for Big Canoe and surrounding communities

A vision for North Gate Station

Dr. Randy Muecke (Dr. “Mickey”) who recently opened Northgate Comprehensive Dentistry in North Gate Station has a vision for the complex. He envisions North Gate Station as a “gathering place”for Big Canoe and surrounding communities. “Area residents can work in the Northgate Internet Station, have lunch with friends, family, and associates at the Honey Dip Saloon, then dine at Sourwood Café in the evening.” North Gate Station is also home to Polar Bear Ice Cream and Coffee and the Northgate Estate Sales and Consignment Store.

The Northgate Internet Station provides common work space where members can interact with other users in public areas, work in private areas, or use high-end technology for video conferencing. The one gigabyte up, one gigabyte down internet speed is enough for any tech-savvy user. In addition, the Northgate Internet Station staff offers tech support to assist members with phone, laptop, or Windows difficulties.

Dr. Muecke, the founder and practicing principal at Aesthetic Dento-Facial Associates in Sandy Springs and new Big Canoe resident, has brought cutting edge technology to the North Gate office to benefit his patients. As a result of a partnership with Georgia Tech using its patent on a proprietary formula for utilizing CT data to simplify complex dental procedures, Dr. Muecke became the first general dentistry practitioner in the U.S. to have a CT scanner in his office, giving him the ability to provide 3-D X-ray images of his patients’ teeth and jaws.

The CT scan data can also be used for dental and facial construction/reconstruction analysis to perform “internal face lifts.” In addition to routine dental health maintenance using low-dose imaging, Dr. Meucke also offers full mouth reconstructions and cosmetics, periodontics, surgery and implants, orthodontics, and endodontics. Dr. Aaron Larsen who specializes in the treatment of TMJ and sleep therapy is also associated with the practice.

All of the care offered by Dr. Meucke and his associates and staff is “patient-centered, patient-directed.” He is committed to providing medical associates at Northgate that complement this brand of care.


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