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By Valerie and Herm Doll

Accessing current and archived articles posted on Smoke Signals Online (SSOL)
On the home or front page of SSOL (, you can search for current and archived articles at the search box or by selecting Resources/Archives at the title bar on the page

The Search Box - Upper right on the page below the headline banners

  • Files contain current and archived articles (posted in 2008 to present)
  • Use key words or the full title of the article. A key word is generally a word or phrase that is a topic of significance; quotes are not necessary.

Resources/Archives  - Title bar on the home/front page

  • Files contain current and archived articles (posted 2001 to 2007 and 2008 to present)
  • Use key words or the full title of the article (quotes are not necessary)

The date the article was created or posted on Smoke Signals Online is found at the very top of the article.

Digital Edition - Top right on the SSOL home/front page
The Digital Edition contains the current issue of Smoke Signals. Digital editions are not archived.

Smoke Signals archives
Hard copies of Smoke Signals for the current year are found at the HOA Office located on the second floor of  the Brownstone Building in the Foothills Shopping Village. Issues prior to 2014 are  maintained in the community library on the lower level of the Broyles Center. Look for the cabinet marked "Smoke Signals Archives." Copies at both locations are for reference only and cannot be checked out.

For more information and assistance, please contact Valerie or Herm Doll at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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