Mountain Stewards 

By Don and Diane Wells

The Thousand-mile journey without a map

Exploring the North Georgia Mountains

Indian Industrial and Boarding Schools

  • Part I    - A tragic part of the American Holocaust
  • Part II  - The genocide of an indigenous people’s culture
  • Part III - The atrocity to the children
  • Part IV - The Wrangell Institute Boarding School atrocity

The music of Appalachia—An American Treasure

The legacy of Indian removal still impacts today

Indian elixir: Georgia’s medicinal springs rediscovered

  • Some people consider the Indians to have been uneducated and without knowledge. Nothing could be further from the truth. Their living close to the earth and their knowledge of plants and spring waters indicates an understanding of natural medicines surpassing what is known today.
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Indian and pioneer history hidden in plain sight

  • Understanding the history of the Creek Indian in Georgia is seldom a high priority in today’s world. We often pass right by a historical site and don’t even know it.
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In the presence of elders - Parts 1-2

  • Over the last five years, the Mountain Stewards have built lasting relationships with many [Native American] tribes in which we are now treated as a friend. Through that trust, we are able to talk to the remaining elders and learn their wisdom, their knowledge of their tribal history and, in particular, their knowledge of living a close relationship with the earth.
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Place names - Gone but not forgotten - Parts 1-4

  • A history of the Burnt Mountain communities -
    Burnt Mountain community becomes a place
    Burnt Mountain: From a thriving mountain town to gone
    A new Burnt Mountain community arises
    The New Burnt Mountain town, Tate Mountain Estates, declines like its predecessor
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Moonshining in the Southern Appalachian Mountains

  • From its early pioneer history through the l970s the area between Oglethorpe Mountain and Burnt Mountain and beyond in the Southern Appalachians was home to moonshining operations.
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The gristmills of mountain communities - Parts 1-6

  • In the early days of America, a pioneer community depended on having a nearby gristmill, a sawmill, a general store and other businesses needed to support the life of the surrounding farming community. This six part series is about a critical need in the life of those communities —the gristmill.
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One room schoolhouses. Fond memories of a time not so long ago - Parts 1-2

  • In Pickens, Dawson and other rural North GA counties, there were many one-room
    schoolhouses.Not many of the one-room schoolhouses exist today but one has been preserved in Pickens County.The Talking Rock School is a great place to go to explore the learning environment for students of a bygone age.
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That's gold in them thar hills - Parts 1-5

  • Records show that there were five hundred gold mines and prospecting and panning locations in the state. One of the less well known locations was today’s Dawson County, probably because there was little success in the miner’s efforts there. Never-the-less it is part of the history: and, the story of gold mining in Dawson County should be told.
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The early days before Bent Tree - Parts 1-5

  • The Old Dude Ranch
    The CCC Camp
    Water power for the marble mills
    The Oglethorpe Monument
    The Appalachian Trail – Here today but gone tomorrow
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The little church that could - Parts 1-2

  • Located high in the mountains off the beaten path, and Against all odds, the High Shoals Baptist Church has survived and epitomizes the “Little Church that Could.”
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