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Early spring 2011 found me driving down Yellow Creek Road with my husband. We had, of course, noticed the house with all the yard art many times, but on this particular day, the sight of vultures made from rakes sent me over the edge; I determined to find out more about this collection.

So was born the series “Along Yellow Creek Road,” launched in the July 2011 Smoke Signals. The trip takes readers through local history—from the removal of the Cherokee and the gold mining era to an introduction to the founding families of this area we call home. Readers learn what is currently happening along this road, too—from tree farms to the newest addition, Gibbs Gardens.

If you have any questions or suggestions for a future series, please contact me, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Enjoy the trip!

Anita Rosen, Living Editor, Smoke Signals


July 2011 — Buggy Bob   

August 2011 — Gold and Grass Farms

September 2011 — Lawsons  

October 2011 — Stancils

November 2011 — Oak Hill Farm

December 2011 — Sperin Tree Farm 

January 2012 — Abry Bell

February 2012 — Faith Farm

March 2012 — Gibbs Gardens 

May 2012 — Blackwells

June 2012 — Sartors   

July 2012 — Golfleaf Farms 

August 2012 — Pascoe, Rainey, and Woodhaven Bend

September 2012



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