By Elizabeth Devereux

Some of our greatest historical and artistic treasures
we place with curators in museums; others we take for walks.
- Roger Caras

It is with humility and trepidation that I attempt to articulate this multi-dimensional experience, of how one dog forever changed me and touched the world.

The Tao Te Ching, a 2,500-year-old wisdom text, echoes my difficulty, “The name that can be named is not the eternal name. The nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth.”

By thinking, we know things by objectifying them. With presence, we know things by actually joining in their very consciousness.

  Elizabeth and Murray. Photo by Sara Lindkrantz

From this acknowledgement, I offer a glimpse of a wise, wooly, Jewish, adopted, retired champion show dog from New York named Murray, a natural teacher of metaphysics, a moving mandala of Oneness and Infinity through Grace, a Poodle peek into the possibility of Heaven on Earth.

This exceptionally intelligent, generous and vibrant being overflowed into life with effortless loving-living legendaryness, like a moving feast for the senses.

I pinched myself daily, that I manifested the high synchrodestiny honor, through a sort of crazy-wonderful doggie-cam perspective, to experience life through his leadership lens of exuberance, fabulosity and distinct ambassadorial sensibilities.

Murray’s and my ga-ga mutual admiration society synergy felt like pure, sacred, direct VIP access to parallel realities, grounding me in a mindful, precious connectivity to the mundane while simultaneously illuminating, what seemed like, pathways of eternity.

I’ve long joked if we humans could greet each other as Murray was met practically everyday of his life, with celebratory exclamations of our remarkableness, for an affectionate exchange of a lean or a “nose hug,” the world would indeed be a different place.

At 14, Murray seemed to defy age; immortality certainly was congruent to his other virtues. At 15, it became clear we were approaching the inevitable ring of fire I had difficulty imagining I could ever survive.

So, in the spirit of sacred pro-activism and the “as above, so below” symmetry Murray helped me to grow into, I demanded then that he, my Doggy Guru and The Powers That Be, partner with me to undoubtedly create an earth-to-sky transition proportionate to the wonder of Murray’s and my epic bond.

Ask and it is given. From fairly normal living one day to what I sensed was his time the next, I asked for clarification, and heard, “Let go.”  

Too painful to cling and resist what was obviously the fadeout of this physical scene, in the middle of the night, with the help of a beautifully sensitive veterinary team, I dared jump off into what I knew was ultimately the inspired chance to demonstrate new levels of regenerative faith and transformational, transcendental power.

He was lying on my body, in my arms, his ear on my heart as I sang us the Gayatri mantra right on through, the same Sanskrit prayer I used to calm him in 2001 on a six-hour ride through a snowstorm to begin our life together.

Riding on the chant, we were escorted by glorious forces I would call true grace. Instead of an ending, Murray and I so simply and peacefully flowed through a gentle initiatory, wide opening.

Great grief naturally corresponds to great love ... and it’s with the tailwind of the gorgeous outpouring of ongoing care and remembrance from Murray’s Fans, our community, that alchemical blessings beyond my wild imagining are in progress through this apparent loss, sanctifying the yin of the yang of this privilege of a lifetime to be Murray’s mother.

As I remind my clients—in what appears as our most daunting challenges is hidden the exquisite opportunity to know more fully and be the true potency and power and gift of who we are as earthly embodiments and expressions of The Divine. Miracles are a shift in consciousness.

May I continue to aspire to be the person Murray helped me to be.

Murray ‘Dude’ Devereux
March 1999-Nov. 21, 2014



Elizabeth Devereux has 25 years of training and work in the field of complementary health care. She teaches yoga and meditation at the Big Canoe Fitness Center and has a private holistic coaching practice in Big Canoe specializing in unconscious pattern release and energy realignment for optional health, joy and vitality. Meet Elizabeth at the Aging Well Health Fair, March 21, or visit

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Cutline: Devereux March 2015: Elizabeth and Murray. Photo by Sara Lindkrantz PHOTO BY SARA LINDKRANTZ



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