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Get lost in miles of mazes

Uncle Shuck’s 2013 corn maze as seen from the sky. Photo provided by Uncle Shuck's
  Melissa Lowrie

Canoe Kids

By Melissa Lowrie
Photos by Melissa Lowrie
Fall family fun doesn’t get easier than a corn maze. Uncle Shuck’s in Dawsonville provides a monster with 12 acres of trails. When you go, bring your sense of direction (or someone to follow).

Fall family fun doesn’t get easier than a corn maze. Uncle Shuck’s in Dawsonville provides a monster with 12 acres of trails. When you go, bring your sense of direction (or someone to follow).

I was assured on the day of our visit there is an actual Uncle Shuck: it’s Mike Pinzl; and he’s the guy that picks the theme. Pinzl said, “I look for a design that reflects a current event or, in this case, local history.” This year the maze features a barefoot gentleman in a rocking chair with a shotgun and jug. Every year it changes; in the past, we’ve seen a witch on her broom, a sun and moon and, during an election year, a donkey and an elephant.

CKoc13   CKids  
This way leads to the next checkpoint, right?   There are no direction signs, only maze rules.  

When you arrive, head to the pay station; it’s $10 per person (4 and under are free) for the corn maze only. A few more dollars buys a seat on the hayride. Every member of the group is given a map that shows where the checkpoints are within the maze. When you find a station, there is a hole punch—each one unique—to prove you found it. There are 12 checkpoints.

CKid     CKids  
Found it! Paper punchers await guests at the checkpoints.     Checkpoint No. 10 is at the top of the jug.  

We had four kid-testers this month. The boys, a fourth- and a second-grader, just wanted to run through the maze with no interest in map reading or punching cards. The girls, two sixth-graders, just wandered as well, with the ultimate goal of finding the bridges. There are two; they provide a great view and a nice breeze.

Both the girls and the corn are tall this year.

Ultimately, the moms were the only map readers in the group, or, more accurately, I was a follower/photographer and, if left to my own devices, would have been lost for hours.

The boys, stuck (under duress) with the moms, found five checkpoints before giving up and heading to the concession stand for a drink. The girls found the two bridges, reaching their goal.

There is a mini-maze and a play place for the under-48’’ set with huge, stacked tires. Luckily, there were no other kids around the day we were there, so our group of (slightly)
taller-than-allowed children enjoyed jumping around on the tires.

During October, Uncle Shuck’s offers fun things to do, including a corn cannon, pumpkin patch, bonfires and haunt nights. The spooky Haunt Night Maze happens Friday and Saturday nights beginning at dusk; no flashlights are allowed and, apparently, there are some frights in the maze. I’d probably save that fun for the teens.

There are also goats on the property in a pen for feeding, tents for school groups or parties and concessions with candy, drinks and snacks.

At the end of the season, the corn stalks are sold for decorations and the kernels used to feed the horses. In spite of the incessent summer rain, Uncle Shuck has managed to grow a beautiful corn crop for his maze.

This outing is a good, all-ages option with things to do for the preschool set to the teen. Prices, directions, hours of operation and other good information can be found at

Enjoy a fall outing with your Canoe Kids at a corn maze, pumpkin patch or festival. There is no shortage of things to do this time of year, so get out there. Wherever you end up, have a great time.  

Goats entertain the guests at Uncle Shuck’s in Dawsonville.

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