Advertising specifications & recommendations

Size Specs

Ad Sizes Size Inches
Double Truck 21”x 20.5”
Full Page 10”x 20.5”
Half Page – Horizontal 10”x 10.25”
Half Page – Vertical 4.9”x 20.5”
Quarter Page 4.9”x 10.25”
Eighth Page 4.9”x 5”


Some of these recommendations are technical in nature. We would recommend that this information be shared with the graphic artist or agency creating your ad. If any questions, we can be reached via contact information shown below.

COLOR: All color should be CMYK. No RGB or spot color.

4 COLOR BLACK: Avoid using 4 color black text and 4 color black frames. It causes ink saturation and offsetting.

PRESS GAIN: Newsprint press gain for our printer is approximately 24%. We strongly recommend photos and backgrounds be lightened. (See 3 photos at right that help illustrate our press gain).

DMAX: There is a number called DMAX which is a total number of all the CMYK colors. The maximum that this should be is 240 for the press that prints our paper. Check the darkest part of any photo or color banner and calculate this amount. DMAX is not for color correcting. It is to avoid offsetting and too much ink saturation.

SMALL TYPE IN REVERSE: Text smaller than 10 point that is reversed out in black becomes hard to read. Consider using san-serif type for the phone numbers, etc. to avoid the thick-thin lines of a serif type that may start to fill in.

original photo lightened photo print photo

If you have any questions about these specifications/recommendations, call or email Barb Smith, Smoke Signals Ad Designer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. • 770-737-2117


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