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On Golf and Other Things Out of Doors

Fall is for sports fans

By Jim Rice

Well, here we are in another gorgeous Big Canoe fall season. The leaves are changing, the air is cooling off (finally), the course is still green (no frost yet) and the squirrels in our backyard are going absolutely ape. In fact, at the moment, they are looking a lot like the Cubs fans who just found out they won their first World Series since 1908 — a 108-year dry spell. They have broken the “Curse of the Goat” and can no longer be called the “Lovable Losers.”

According to Wikipedia, “The Chicago National League Ball Club is the only franchise to play continuously in the same city since the formation of the National League in 1876. They are the earliest formed active professional sports club in North America. In their history, they have also been known as the White Stockings, Orphans, Colts, Panamas, Rainmakers, Spuds, Trojans, Microbes and Zephyrs.” They were cursed by the owner of the “Billy Goat Tavern” for being asked to please remove his smelly goat pet from the game. He cursed them to never win again — just can’t please everyone. It looked like the curse was going to stand when in Game 7, with all on the line, they gave up the lead and had to win it in the 10th with more heroics from their pitching staff and home run hitters … and after a very untimely rain delay. What a series, maybe the best ever, considering all that was on the line. Sorry, Indians, maybe next time. After all, you just won your championship in 1948. I know it’s been a long time since I was interested in baseball, but when did they get instant replay? Another sport about to be ruined by technology, right?

If that ain’t enough for you, college football is getting down to crunch time. Rival games are on the horizon; conference titles are being decided and undefeated teams are dropping like flies. Many are falling in the same weekend with a series of very unlikely upset victories by underdogs. Both those defeated and those victorious will know exactly which teams I’m referencing.

Sundays are no slouch either as the division races heat up in pro football, otherwise known as the FFL (Flag Football League). A lot more fans might be watching NFL games if they’d figure out how to play a game with less than 35 or 40 penalties per game and in something under four hours.

Still not enough for you? Having already begun their seasons are also the NBA and NHL (Go Pens!).

Closer to home we have our own drama going on: the Big Canoe NASMGA match play team (headed up by Keith Sievers and Joe Zamborsky) defeated BridgeMill to win the grand championship in match play for 2016, making our record two out of three years as overall champs.

“Hats off” the all the winners and to all the players who play their game with enthusiasm and respect.

To the Champions!

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