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Two paws up for National Puppy Day

March 23 is National Puppy Day! Established in 2006, National Puppy Day is a paw-some day for all dog enthusiasts to celebrate puppies’ unconditional love and to fawn over the undeniably cute furballs that bring so much joy into this world.

While we’re all softies when it comes to cute photos of our four-legged friends, today is also designed to raise awareness about puppy mills and help prospective pet owners consider adoption. Sit back, relax, and indulge in the endless stream of adorable puppy photos, but keep in mind that today might be the best excuse to bring home a fluffy canine as your next best friend!

In honor of National Puppy Day, conducted a survey of 1,000 puppy owners, which revealed the following about their relationship with their cuddly canine friends.

For one in three Americans, puppies build character

34% of American dog owners say puppies teach them patience. While they're running around cleaning up messes (and discarding chewed-up shoes), they're also learning to be more understanding and persevering—proof that puppies help us develop “paw”-sitive attributes that will last a lifetime.  

Seven in 10 dog owners say puppies help their emotional intelligence

70% of American dog owners say their puppies give them unconditional love. And the feeling is mutual—52% of respondents regularly say “I love you” to their puppies. Canine companions not only help Americans develop strong bonds, but also to feel comfortable expressing their emotions.

20% of Americans prefer a puppy over a date

1 out of 5 American dog owners would rather hang out with their puppy than go on a date. Given that 64% of Americans already cuddle with their puppies, it might be easier to ditch the human relationships altogether!

Here are the top five ways Americans show puppy love:

1. I let my puppy sleep in my bed with me (13%)
2. I talk to my puppy in a special voice (11%)
3: I let my puppy eat table scraps (10%)
4: I consider my puppy to be my best friend (9%)
5. I probably post too many photos of my puppy on social media (4%)

To learn more about National Puppy Day, visit While there, read about other fun holidays, including National Pet Day and National Kitten Day




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